Redrawing logo with Illustrator

I will have to change the fill in a few places but it is transparent. About 14- 16 more hours and it will be “ok.” This logo was drawn 10 years ago. Shown with a gradient background.

Changed a few letters and the cyclist art, only slightly better

Not great yet!

I "cut" the letters out so the background shows through. Still working on this idea.

August 29th, 2020

August 29th 2020

TriAugusta’s David Marin hosted a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon at Clarks Hill on August 29th. The remnants of Hurricane Laura made the day a bit “breezy” to  the least.  I was testing out our new camera with some action shots but failed miserably. Most of the bike photos were too blurry to use. Hopefully results will be better next time. My husband David and I did not stay for the  cookout so no award-winning photos to view but I am sure it was great. Special thanks to David Marin and his dedication to the sport and to TriAugusta.