Our Training Officer, Mike Lotter and David Marin have become the patron saints of TriAugusta. They are currently holding weekly rides at Fort Gordon plus weekend and weekday swims at the lake. I will get with them and find out the exact tentative schedule to post here.

Fort Gordon

To ride at Fort Gordon, you must first register with iSportsman and create an account.  With this account, you will check in and out of the Fort Gordon area. DO NOT forget to check in or out. If you forget to check in and they catch you, you can be banned for weeks and if you  forget to check out, they will call your house at 12:00AM to make certain you are safe. It is also strongly recommended that you apply for a yearly pass for recreational activities. This process involves “I can’t remember what all you have to do so I will return here once I find out” With or without the annual pass, you still will need the iSportsman account. Currently we also are allowed to use the pool since the aquatics center seems like it will never reopen. I bet if it opened tomorrow it would close within a week for “maintenance” anyway….

The Fort Gordon pool is located on Barnes Ave.



Off The Beaten Path

FATS (Forks Area Trail System)

A series of loops through a thickly forested area provide a great hiking or mountain bike experience for all levels of hikers and riders. You can get a feel of the mountains where some of the higher elevations provide panoramic views and the thick vegetation provides a home for many birds and animals.

Although it is hilly, you aren’t going to find many climbs that require a lot of effort or dismounts. For experienced riders, there are many sections where you have a choice of just rolling through, or going to one side to jump, and sections of ripples where you can also roll through or get air between them. The Great Wall offers a more of a challenge for experienced riders and may be difficult for beginners in places. Do NOT ride or walk around areas where the trail bed has been stabilized by rock.

After heavy rain sections may be closed. Check for closings before arrival.

Great Wall 7.5 miles, Skinny Loop 6.0 miles, Brown Wave 5.8 miles, Deep Step 5.0 miles, Tower 3.8 miles, and Big Rock 4.0 miles. Connector trails are another 3.0 miles and part of them are on paved and gravel roads.

Address: Woodlawn Rd, Clarks Hill, SC 29821


From McCormick: drive south on US221/SC28 for approximately 23.0 miles and turn left onto Woodlawn Road (McCormick County S-33-204). The parking area is on the right just beyond the junction with Deep Step Road (S-33-53).

From I-20 Exit 1 (North Augusta): Drive north on SC 230 for approximately 5.5 miles and turn left onto Woodlawn Road (S-19-53). The parking area is 3.8 miles on the left.

From Augusta: Drive north on SC 28 for approximately 8.5 miles and turn right onto Hopewell Church Road/Deep Step Road (S-33-112). Drive 3.3 miles and turn right onto Woodlawn Road and the parking area is on the right.

Hitchcock Woods

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Fees: There are no fees, but donations to the Hitchcock Foundation are welcome.


From US 1 in Aiken: Drive south on York Street and turn right onto South Boundary Street. Continue downhill and look for the parking area at a gated road.

The Augusta Canal

Hikers, cyclists and runners regularly head for the Augusta Canal’s wide, level towpath, once used by mules to pull canal boats to the Canal headgates. Additional trails into wooded and urban areas add variety to the outdoor experience. Spring and Fall  “Trail Talk” walks and “Pedals Thru the Past” rides  add to understanding and enjoyment.