Club Affiliation

It is important to note that when you register for an Ironman event, that you have your club affiliation updated. Here is the link for instructions of how to update or change your club from the Ironman site…

Training Resources

Go here for free training plans, articles and many other resources.

Looking for a race....

This site seems to have pretty much anything you could want race-wise.

For Your Indoor Cycling

So many choices….which one is right for you?

Smart Trainer vs Dumb Trainer....

Trainer Road or Zwift? Which is right for you....

Follow the link…

Check out the article to see which program fits your needs. In putting this page together, it appears you may be able to run both simultaneously and possibly have the best of both worlds.

Heat Training

This article is on the Atlanta Tri Club’s website…

Zwift is not free but you can check it out for 7 days to see if it is something that interests you. With Zwift, you never have to skip a ride because it is raining and it is available 24/7.  They have FTP tests, group rides, and virtual races. If you prefer the safety of the indoor trainer, this is a great way to decrease the mind-numbing boredom.

$14.95 Monthly

Trainer Road is geared more toward tech savvy riders. You can create custom courses by uploading Garmin data.  And unlike Zwift, you don’t have the fun scenery to watch. 30 day money back guarantee if you decide it is not for you.

$19.95 monthly/$189 yearly (a savings of $50 over the monthly fee)

Tracker Apps

Something everyone should have, a RoadId for identification in an emergency. Also, RoadId has an app (iPhone only) that can be used to track you while you are out so others know where you are. 


This YouTube channel seems to have a ton of content for those looking to improve their swim technique.

Augusta Aquatics Center

Blue Tides Masters Swimming


Runners World has a lot of training plans to choose from.

Find Your Runner Type....

This article was also on the Atlanta Tri Club’s website.

Links to the local bike shops