Get your race on

All your 2017 race schedule needs are now in one place!  Check out our “Local Races” and “Regional Races” pages (links from the menu at the top of the page) for a convenient list of events and links that make it easy to figure out your schedule and register for events.  We’ll be making sure the list stays up to date and adding new events as we find out about them!

Price Increases: Be aware that entry fees for Go Race Productions (Dare to Tri, Tall Pines, and Hot Dam) will be increasing on 12/29/16, and for Blue Sky (Mistletoe) will increase on 12/31/16.

NCC Challenge!

As we triathletes know, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean training stops.  In case you need a little more motivation to put down the fork and slowly back away from the table, the USAT National Challenge Competition is back!  Here’s how it works (if you did it last year, things are little different so please read below or find Tiffany’s post on the TriA Facebook page for a full description):

(1) Make sure your USAT membership is up to date (you should be doing that anyway!).

(2) Head over to to sign yourself up.  (You’ll need your USAT name and password.)  Be sure to indicate that you are competing for TriAugusta.  Once you’ve signed up, comment under Tiffany’s FB post or email her at that you’ve done so.

(3) Starting December 1st, start logging your miles!  Unlike last year, you will have to enter your own miles.  To do so, just log in as you did to sign up and you will be taken to the online form.

Enter distance for all the swimming, biking, and running that you do.  Every little bit counts, not just for the competition but also for your preparation for the coming year.

The NCC goes from December through February.  While miles in all three disciplines are counted each month, each month has a particular focus (Dec: swim; Jan: bike; Feb: run), with inter- and intra-club competitions.  Don’t get farther behind in your entries than the end of each month, to make sure your miles count properly.  Good luck and have fun!!

– Rob

PS – One little detail, if you do an hour of a spin class, count that as 15 miles of riding.