Fort Gordon Information

Fort Gordon is a great and safe place to ride. The base has been welcoming, allowing access to the facilities and recreation areas. If you do not have a military ID, you need to request a visitor card which is good for one year. For details, go to the Annual Pass section below.

Annual Pass

The annual pass allows you access to the Fort with the least amount of effort. Make a copy of your drivers license and fill out the Driver-Consent-Form-Mandatory items one through 12. Sign and date the form. 

In addition, you will need to provide a copy of one of the following:

Your birth certificate

Your Social Security card

Your passport


To expedite the process, David Marin has volunteered to handle the application submission for active members of TriAugusta. You may contact him through our Facebook page. 


To access the bike routes on Range Road, you must also create an online account  with isportsman. Through this account, you purchase a recreation pass ($5) that is good for one year. There is a safety video to watch and a short quiz after. You will then be able to sign in/out each time you ride. The area is remote and Isportsman allows them to verify who is out there.  Should you forget to sign out, you will receive a phone call from the MP’s. Fail to sign in/out twice and you are banned for six months.

Range Road

Running is not allowed on Range Road so be aware of this if you plan to do a brick workout.

Portions of the road will be closed when training operations are in progress. These are usually related to live fire exercises so DO NOT go around a barricade! Isportsman can tell you what areas are closed if you go to….

Click on the link below for a downloadable map of Range Road


In Case of Emergency...


9-1-1  calls do not go directly to the on-base emergency service!

When you call 9-1-1, the call is routed to a dispatcher who is off-base. You have to tell them you are on the base so they can transfer you to the Fort’s Emergency Service. 

Also, while riding, make mental notes of mile markers, road signs and training areas so you can give dispatchers an idea of where you are.

Non-Emergency Contact Numbers:




The MPs know the bike courses by road names. Below are the names of the roads along with landmarks on that particular section. Be prepared to tell them where you are:


–On the Black  (Long, counter-clockwise) course, the roads are:


Range Rd (mile markers 1–5); there is a lot here for parking at mile 5

Gibson Rd (mile marker 5–10); this road goes by Lake Leitner.

Harlem Rd (mile marker 11–12); this is the short road that goes by Union Mill Pond.

McDuffie Rd (mile markers 13–14); you turn off of this road onto Forestry Road.

Forestry Rd (mile marker 15); there is a faucet on the back of the Forestry building.

Range Rd (mile markers 15–19); the bike repair station is on this stretch @ mile 18; golf course is at mile 20;

 N. Range Rd (mile markers 21–23); this road goes by the horse stables and vet clinic. 


–The Gold  (Short, clockwise) course roads are:


N. Range Rd (mile markers 1–2); this road goes by the horse stables.

Range Rd (mile markers 3–14); golf course @ mile 3; Forestry Rd. is to the left at mile 5ish; Gibson Road on left @ mile 9; OMG @ the HILLS to the 111th Ave. lot.

(You can ride either loop, in any direction but the landmarks are following the map directions. Just be AWARE of where you are.)


The Information Station is located at 111th Avenue and Range Road. There is a Port-a-let but no running water. On the course, a faucet is located on the back corner of  building. Occasionally you will find no TP so it is a good idea to keep an emergency supply in your car. Several more port-a-lets are scattered about on the course. Another POV (privately owned vehicle) lot is located at the intersection of Range Road and Gibson Road.  Running is not allowed on Range Road so those of you who want to to do a run after your ride, be aware. (No one really knows why…)


We are working on a cheat sheet. Folded in half, it is business card size. You can download it and print it out or take a picture with your phone. 

The Fort Gordon Pool

We are not currently allowed to sign ourselves into the pool. Members with a visitor card can only be signed in by a sponsor with a military ID. Sponsors can bring in 2 guests at a time.


Monday – Friday