Fort Gordon Information

Fort Gordon is a great and safe place to train for Triathlon. The base has been very welcoming to the local community, allowing access to some of their facilities and recreation areas. To access the base without a military ID you must apply for a visitor card which is good for a year. The best way currently to apply for this pass is to contact David Marin and he will forward to our friends at MWR on base. This can be done via private message on messenger. The driver consent form ( for background check ) can be downloaded here in the Annual Pass section.


           To access the bike routes on Range Rd. you must also create an account online with isportsman. This account will have you purchase an annual recreation pass for $5 and take a quiz after a safety video. You will then be able to sign in and out every time you ride in the restricted area on Range Rd. This is so they know who is out there as this area is fairly remote and for our safety, they want to make sure everyone gets out by sunset. If you forget to sign out you will get a phone call from the MP’s. If you fail to sign out twice you will lose your ability to use the bike course for at least 6 months.

           We are not currently allowed to sign ourselves into the pool. Members with a visitor card can only be signed in by a sponsor with a military ID. Sponsors can bring in 2 guests at a time.

The Fort Gordon pool is located on Barnes Ave.


Monday – Friday

Annual Pass

The annual pass allows you to enter the Fort with the least amount of effort. You will need to fill out the form Driver-Consent-Form-Mandatory 

To expedite the process, David Marin has volunteered to handle the application submission for active members of TriAugusta. You may contact him through our Facebook page. 

Range Road

Click on the link for a downloadable map of Range Road


There is a portion of Range Road that is under construction and will be for several months. You are not allowed to run on a certain portion of Range Road. At times, portion of the road will be closed when training operations are in progress. Isportsman can tell you what areas are closed if you go to….